Turning Passion Into Profits: Success Stories of 8 Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Doing It Right is a blog series featuring eight amazing female business owners who have successfully turned their greatest talents and gifts into a profitable business. These SUPER women show us how incredibly powerful it is to wake up to work that we love, each-and-every day.


Erin Dickson is the success and mindset coach behind Gravity Life Coaching and works with fearless women who are ready to climb out of the rut, get unstuck, and start living life the way it was meant to be lived!

What’s your story? How did you get to becoming a life coach?
Forgive me for my long story!  About six years ago I went through a pretty painful divorce.  With two children under four-years-old, I struggled as a single mom to keep my head above water.  I was overwhelmed, working full-time as a Guidance Counselor, trying to pay off student loans/rent/car, and focus on the well-being of my two little boys.  I focused too much of my time and energy worrying about things I had no control over.

During this time, one of my best friends (who’s a Life Coach) introduced me to the book "The Secret" - which explains how to use and apply the Law of Attraction.  This book was the start of a new chapter in my life.  My friend and I would get together consistently to talk about the concepts in the book and how we were applying them to our own lives.  The more I focused on the positive things in my life, the more I saw them.

My relationship with my ex began to improve dramatically, my children seemed happier, I enjoyed my job more, money that I needed was coming to me, I was attracting the type of relationships that I craved, and I finally began to see past the struggle in my life. 

I felt so passionate about the Law of Attraction, that I began teaching it to my students.  My students would run into my office to share stories of how the law had worked for them.  I wanted so badly to reach adult women, like my old self, with this exciting information.  I wanted them to know that they have the power to create the kind of life they want to live, but I wasn’t sure how to reach them.

I began working with my Life Coach friend and discovered that, through Life Coaching, I could have the kind of impact that I wanted to have.

The next hurdle was moving from a full-time job with a consistent paycheck to an inconsistent business that I had no clue how to manage.  I felt stuck and was asking the wrong questions, like "what if I fail?", I realized that by asking the question, I didn't have faith.  So I shifted my question to:  "If I believed it were possible to be successful, if I believed I could not fail in my business, what would I do next?"  I started toying with the idea of moving to a part-time position in my current job to allow more time to focus on my business but still allow me to keep my health insurance, but you don't easily get to choose how many hours you work in a school setting!  Ignoring the harsh reality of my idea, I began to tell my friends and family that I was going to attract a 1/2 time position at school.  And, about two months later, my boss pulled me into my office to tell me that my position had moved to half time.

For real!

So, my passion truly is believing and trusting in the Law of Attraction, teaching others how to put their faith in themselves and in their universe, and pushing women past the limits of what they believed was possible.

How long have you been in business?
I started my business a little over a year ago, but only started giving it my FULL attention in the last few months.

What’s your WHY?
I want to provide the kind of life for my kids that I didn't have growing up.  I had a fabulous life, but was always given the message that money was scarce.  I want to travel with my children and show them the world.  I also want to have an impact on women who are limited by their own perceptions of reality.  I feel so excited by the change I see in the women I've worked with so far, and it's been mind-blowing and exciting to think that I've helped facilitate those changes!

How have you created your coaching business to be profitable?
I empower women to make the changes they've been too scared to make... and I work with women who have made previous changes and are ready for the next step. My signature program is my Stepping Stones 12 -Week program which consists of 12 workbooks, audio-recordings and resources, and women can engage with the program as a self-study or with my 1:1 support. 

Sounds like a deep program! How are women hearing about it?
1) I'm in the process of creating videos to increase my visibility online.
2) I'm becoming more visible on Facebook by joining groups, creating my own group, and responding to posts
3) I've created an email funnel through Convertkit and am using Leadpages for my free opt-ins.

Being a single mom and simultaneously starting a business doesn’t sound easy. What’s an obstacle you needed to overcome to master all of that?
My greatest obstacle has been my own mindset and my own level of confidence in my ability to market myself and to get myself out there.  I'm currently working through that and reminding myself that I teach others to believe that anything is possible and that we are capable of being, doing and creating whatever it is that we want.  I’m still on the journey of accepting my own advice and working through my fears!

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out?
Have faith and never give up!  When you start doubting yourself, remind yourself of why you started to begin with.  You are your thoughts - if you believe that you will become someone BIG, then you WILL become someone BIG!  Surround yourself with like-minded people who will push you and hold you accountable!  Invest in a coach or someone to support you in your journey - someone to believe in you when you do not believe in yourself.

How has your life changed since starting your business?
I've become a "bigger person" and have begun building this mindset in my family as well.  I've seen my partner have more faith and show more excitement about our future.  I've taken more risks for myself and I've seen more results because of the healthy risks I've been taking.  I've seen my children change their own mindsets and take risks to begin building their own dreams.  I'm learning that it's okay to put myself out there, and my confidence has blossomed as a result!


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