Turning Passion Into Profits: Success Stories of 8 Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Doing It Right is a blog series featuring eight amazing female business owners who have successfully turned their greatest talents and gifts into a profitable business. These SUPER women show us how incredibly powerful it is to wake up to work that we love, each-and-every day.


Chanala is a health coach who helps her clients achieve happy, healthy, shamelessly glamourous lifestyles that last through building practical habits that make them feel phenomenal from the inside out. Her website is www.chanalar.com.

What is your passion/talent around which you created your business?
Health and wellness has been a passion of mine since I was about 13 years old. I've always enjoyed sports, exercise and nutrition. I initially wanted to take the training to become a health coach for selfish reasons, to improve my life. When my friends saw what an impact it had on my life, they began asking me for advice for their own lives and it spiraled into my heath coaching business.

I don't really consider it a business because I get such a thrill and a "high" when I am able to help people transform their lives, especially after struggling for so long, trying every diet under the sun. I loooove being able to empower my clients to stop feeling helpless when it comes to losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. And I show them how simple it is through the little, small changes that have a huge impact on their lives!!

How long have you been in business?
3 years! 

What’s your WHY?
My why is to be able to make an impact in women's lives. If I can help one woman not struggle the way I did, I've done my job. The problem is that it's addictive. Once I see what an effect I have had in someone's life and how I've been able to help them lead a more vibrant, fulfilled and happy life and the joy and confidence that they now have, I just want to keep helping more women! 

How did you monetize your passion?
The list of services that I offer seems to keep growing, based on needs and requests. I initially started with 1:1 health coaching packages and then added several online (DIY) health and wellness courses, online and in-person cooking classes as well as a weekly salad delivery service to better serve and support my customers. I also published a book that will be released in the next few months. 

Wow! We can’t wait to read your book and hear more… Promise to share it with us, when it comes out?? For now, what are 3 strategies you’re using to grow your business.
The main ways that I have grown my business and customer base is first and foremost through good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. I also run a Facebook group (Busy and Healthy Moms) that has introduced me to many of my clients as well. The group allows people to get to know me and my style, approach and personality before committing to work with me, which has been a great way to broaden my reach. I also have an email list, which I grow through free opt-ins and downloads.

You’ve made it look so easy, but we all know that launching a business takes a lot of work. What is an obstacle you faced and overcame when you started out?
My biggest obstacle in launching my business was not being afraid of "getting out there", reaching out of my comfort zone and putting myself, my knowledge and experience out in the world.

So, how did you overcome that?
Ha, I think it is something that I still try to overcome on a regular basis, so I am not sure that I have officially overcome it. :) Some days I am better at it than others. Sometimes I have to tell myself: just hit publish or send or post without thinking about it and just do it. Interestingly, I have found that the articles, emails, posts or even live videos that I share that are more spontaneous, without me really thinking much about it,  are the ones that are the most well received by my audience. I need to do more of that. Just do it, get out here, without thinking about it too much. :) 

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out?
The biggest piece of advice that I can give to someone starting out is to just be you and do what feels right for you and your business in the stage of life that you are in. Don't feel obligated or pressured to do something just because everyone else is doing it or someone told you that is the only way to be successful in your business. If you are uncomfortable doing something, you won't enjoy it and it will show. Grow your business in a way that feels good and is fun to you! Just be yourself. People are attracted to you and to your business because of who you are. The more you are true to yourself, to what feels good to you and to what you enjoy, the more you will attract clients who will enjoy working with you.

How has your life changed since starting your business?
I can't really say that my life has changed, it's really me who has changed. I love and enjoy what I am doing and that excitement spills over throughout the rest of my life. Of course, the busier I get with my business, the more organized and task-oriented I have to stay to be able to accomplish everything that I need to do. I've had to learn to say no to things that I probably would have agreed to doing in the past even though I really didn't want to. 

Is there anything else you want to share with my friends?
Yes, please don’t give up! Keep doing what you are doing and be consistent.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the results that you are expecting. Growing a business takes time, but it is worth it. Most people don’t tell you or let you see that their success didn’t come overnight. It takes lots and lots (and lots) of hard work to build a business. So, even when you think you aren’t getting anywhere and you might feel like giving up, trust me, don’t! People are watching and listening to you. It WILL pay off!

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