Turning Passion Into Profits: Success Stories of 8 Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Doing It Right is a blog series featuring eight amazing female business owners who have successfully turned their greatest talents and gifts into a profitable business. These SUPER women show us how incredibly powerful it is to wake up to work that we love, each-and-every day.


Lizzy is an organizational guru and founder of Happy Spaces by Lizzy. She helps people organize and declutter their spaces so that they love and use everything they have, and stress less related to clutter! Lizzy can be found at HappySpacesbyLizzy.com.

What is your passion/talent around which you created your business?
I am a social worker who loves to help people, and that’s translated into helping people organize, declutter, and love their spaces no matter what they are!

How long have you been in business?
2 1/2 years

There are a lot of social workers whose passion it is to help people. How did you settle on organization?
When we are surrounded by clutter and abundance we get side-tracked and have a hard time getting to the core. It may be overstuffed closets full of clothing and accessories, food in our pantry, or a jam-packed storage room... making it hard to find what we really need. When there is less stuff and more order, it can make getting dressed easier, making dinner choices more efficient, and our storage areas tidier. I also help my clients sell or donate unwanted items so they can make some cash from their clutter :).

I’m not speaking from experience or anything (!!), but it would seem that a HUGE number of people could benefit from your expertise. Does business fall into your your lap, or have you invested in growth strategies?
My business is word of mouth. I try to spread the word about my business as much as I can and appreciate all referrals very much.

I utilize social media by showing a lot of before and after pictures so that a large number of people can see the benefits of decluttered and organized spaces.

I also donate gift certificates to organizations so that someone can "win" or "bid" on my services which introduces my business to a new audience.

What is an obstacle you faced and overcame when launching or while running your business?
The business side was a little intimidating for me. But with the support of family I was able to set up an LLC, logging spreadsheets and a website.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out?
If you're passionate and believe in what you do, do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Start small and create the potential to go big. You never know where it will take you!

How has your life changed since starting your business?
My business is exactly what was missing in my life. Since I became a mom almost 15 years ago, my focus has been on my family and children. Now that my children are becoming more independent, my business has allowed me to do something I love by helping others and seeing so many rewards in turn for them and me! 

That’s awesome. I love hearing about women who follow their passion and can monetize it in a way that’s so meaningful.

You shared really good advice earlier: Believe in yourself and go for it. Is there anything else you want to share, or a favorite quote that continues to inspire you?
Find a "community." Find other people who have similar business and passions as you and learn and grow from each other! Find what works for you and brainstorm with each other! I have a great network of other organizers that I learn so much from.

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