Building Your Business: The Basics (BONUS INSIDE!)

In my last blog, we talked about creating a well-balanced life that includes a meaningful career and a commitment to family.

That’s where I envisioned my sweet-spot to be, but I had to figure out how to get there. #Dontstopwontstop sums it up… but don't think it hasn't taken me years to nail it down.

I can hardly convey how good it feels to have pushed through the process and achieved this goal. REL Impact is the answer for me.

Where's the balance, and answer, for you?

A key part of finding balance, for most of us, is exploring other ways in which you can earn a living so you don’t have to be a slave to the 9-to-5, a job with very little meaning, or working for a boss that under-appreciates you.

I led a workshop earlier in the week and more than 25 women filled the room to learn what they can do to start building their dream. They feel drained by those 3 scenarios above, and they want to make more out of their life.

They want to be fulfilled in their work. They want to contribute and give to others. And they want more income.

Several of these women are stay-at-home-moms; some have been out of the workforce for years and want to get back in doing something that's rewarding and earns them a living. And others are seeking a way to monetize their talents (think artists, singer, party planners). 

But they don’t know where to start! And that's why they showed up.

Are you one of these women?

Well, lady, you’re in the right place! Because I’ve put together a 5-day challenge that will kick-start your journey of turning your passions, talents, and ideas into a profitable business or brand. It's 5 days of putting the foundations in place to get clear on who you are, where your superpowers lie, and identifying your passion and purpose points. Just click here to learn more about the Build Your Business Challenge and get started today!

The growth and clarity you'll experience as an aspiring female entrepreneur will take you to the next level of this life journey. And that's sure to leave you feeling empowered.