Looks Matter: Why our Organizations Should Invest in the Way They Look

Looks matter: It sounds so trivial and reminds me of my days in the New York fashion industry, where everything is literally do-or-die clothing. Or shoes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good shoe, and my shoe closet is hardly lacking. But I like to believe that our world isn’t that superficial.

Well, the truth is that looks DO matter. And they can affect your bottom line, so they should matter to you.

Whether we want to admit it or not, visual communication speaks volumes about our businesses, organizations and ourselves. It’s the first impression people get when they see us or our logo, walk into our office or workspace, and encounter that front face. People are quick to make judgements.

The way we present our businesses can make the difference in how prospective buyers of our product or service view us, and whether they return for more. So it is important that we look polished, professional, and organized in a way that says “we care about our entire organization – from the inside out.”

I had a conversation with someone recently who came to us for assistance in revamping her website. As part of our proposal, we included services for rebranding the company’s logo, too.

However, the client was very reluctant to this idea, because – in her words - “Although my logo was created 17 years ago … I don’t know if it’s prudent to change it, given that I’ve had it long enough for people to recognize it.”

She raises a great point!

We feel passionately that your logo and accompanying branding elements are some of the primary entry points for your business and should reflect all that you have to offer. Your clients want to see that you are keeping up with the times, and you only have a few moments to impress! So, when your product is high-end, high-quality, and high-tech, potential customers should get this sense in those first moments “with” you (by seeing your business card, stumbling across your website, walking into your office…). 

Those whose brands look tired and old-fashioned may be associated with that mentality and keep potential customers from walking through the door. That isn’t the impression you want to make and it’s a risk to the bottom line that none of us should chance.

Whether you are launching a new business or want to reposition the one you have, invest in the way you look – because it really does matter.